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Domestic Tanks

The complete, totally bunded oil storage system

Titan’s IBEC 2004 Environmental Award-winning bunded EcoSafe tanks represent the most advanced range of integrally bunded oil storage systems available within the EU.

Designed to exceed all current oil storage regulations, the EcoSafe range is factory fitted with the Watchman Plus complete pro-active fuel monitoring system. The Watchman Plus not only monitors oil levels within the tank but also acts as a bund safety sensor.

Specifically designed for commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural properties where bunded tanks are now compulsory, the EcoSafe range is also becoming ever more popular amongst domestic users for its safe and environmental features. Bunded tank installations are compulsory at all locations, where storage is greater than 2500 liters.

Fitted with the SpillStop overfill protective system, the EcoSafe is one of the most advanced and secure tanks on the market meeting all legal requirements for bunded tanks within a 10-metre area of a water source. The intelligent EcoSafe range is fitted with a top outlet providing a complete and integrally bunded storage solution.

Our Oil Tanks

R1000 Single Skin Tank


Capacity:  1000 Litres/220 Gallons
Length:    1910mm
Width:       590mm
Height:      1350mm

Our Oil Tanks

R1200 Single Skin Tank


Capacity:  1200 Litres/264 Gallons
Length:     1810mm
Width:       700mm
Height:      1220mm

Our Oil Tanks

ES1000 Bunded Tank


Capacity: 1000 Litres/220 Gallons
Width:  695mm
Height:  1500mm

Our Oil Tanks

ES1225 Bunded Tank


Capacity:  1225 Litres/270 Gallons
Length:     2000 mm
Width:       900mm
Height:      1495mm

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As a family run business, the team at Bartons Oil Tanks are completely flexible which allows us to deliver for our customers every day of the week.

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